Testing Home Education – Part 10: Back to the Basics (Part 29)

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I once read a saying that says it all!  “Education is going from an unconscious to conscious awareness of one’s ignorance.”  Perhaps this is a good way to end our series on opposition to home education.  You see, the biggest misunderstanding regarding home education is that it is about training children.  It is, of course, but that is only the beginning.

We have watched in amazement as parents who did not even speak English became completely fluent and bilingual through teaching their children.  We have seen people start to seriously question what life is all about and review their faith convictions as their children have grown to maturity.  Concerned and opposing grandparents have become big supporters and defenders of home education.

Persecutors eventually go away, be they government or private agencies; nefariously motivated facilitators or schools; society, family, friends or children.  Everybody seems to grow as a consequence of watching children grow.  The truth is everybody would have grown in some way anyway, but home education comes with that… shall we say it?…homegrown, common sensical, head screwed on straight characteristic that even naysayers eventually have to admit is attractive.

Yes, you will be persecuted for choosing the right path.  This is because there are many who would rather see you go down the wrong one, than to admit error.  Keep the two roads in mind.  Those who take the wide way find little persecution, and perdition at the end.  Those who take the narrow road, go against the grain, suffer much antagonism and persecution, and are rewarded with blessings far greater than can be imagined.

My wife, Faye, and I did not see this in the beginning.  Since we were involved in home education at the pioneer stage in this province there was no one to help us to see the pot of gold at the end.  We endured, and I must admit I pushed back against my naysayers, but we persisted.  We will never regret this most important decision regarding our children’s education, especially as we near the end of the second generation of home educated wonder kids connected to themselves, their family, careers and most importantly, their God.

It does not get better than that.  All because I took very seriously the understanding that, as the parent, I was … the boss!

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