On Desiring to Unschool (Part 2)

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Last week I discussed “a request we often get from home schooling parents.” So, how do we respond to that request for help in escaping school? How do we direct those who desire to switch from status quo school based education to real education at home?

I do have a few quick answers to encourage parents in their quest to escape school, but it is not that easy. My answer is usually in the form of “look at what school does and don’t do that.” Another similar answer is, “do what the school is not doing.” My favourite is simply summarized as “just be a family.”

However, before proceeding with this topic, one should address a very common misconception about unschooling, one undoubtedly created by unquestioned adherence to status quo systemic education.
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On Desiring to Unschool (Part 1)

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You may be surprised to know what we often hear from parents following the first few years of home education experience.

Now before I tell what this request is, I must remind you of the fact that school and all its related activities and applications are so normalized that most everybody just assumes that it is the only way a child can possibly get an education.

Most parents have been educated in a school. It is all they know.  When religious groups create their own private schools, it is usually nothing more than a variation of the school theme, grades, subjects, marks, report cards… you know what I am saying. Same for charter schools, alternative schools and any other manifestation of … school.
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