Authority as it Applies to Education: Authority (Part 17)

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Government claims to having authority over the education of children are actually bogus. While it can be argued that government has a compelling interest in the education of those who will carry the future, it behooves us to question what it sees or desires for that future while “preparing” our children for it.

Schools are institutions that have been created by government. Therefore, government has legitimate authority over schools. However, it is very important to understand that schools are not God’s idea for educating children in the first place.

If, for example, I made a claim to owning a piece of property and the rightful owner did not question or oppose my claim, I would have legitimate authority over my illegitimate claim.

This is known as squatters’ rights.

Likewise, if the government claims authority over the education of the children and those who actually have the legitimate authority say nothing or simply capitulate to the government’s claim, we legitimize the illegitimate claim. In essence, we authorize the government’s claim by abdicating or handing them our authority.

This is known as having a right to an education.

The education of children has always been a parental responsibility. Parents are the ones who have the legitimate authority. When parents abdicate that responsibility, they take their children out from under a true authority and place them under a false authority that has been claimed and validated by the parents’ action.

Do understand that government does have a genuine legitimate authority over the schools they have created. They have no claim over the children until the parents deliver them to the school which action empowers the government to now have authority over them.

I must admit I am perplexed when parents inform me that after having home educated for years, presumably as a result of having come to understand that God directs parents to train and teach their children, and after again seeking the same God, He has changed His mind and directed parents to send their children to school!

There are certainly times when school is the only option available, but that is usually in extenuating circumstances. However, this does not change the fact that parents are the ones directed and authorized to teach their children. God’s authority and authorization does not change. Parents do, so let’s not blame God for our decisions.

Another consideration is that schools are not parents. Neither is government and so they cannot really know what is best for each individual child, although you will hear plenty about their being able to meet each and every child’s needs. This is why I truly question why anyone would bring any facet of school home.

On that note, the minute that any teacher or facilitator questions your home education approach, methods or results, you should have cause for concern. Parents have the authority, not the facilitator. Teachers should be there to honour the parental authority and not the other way around.

The minute a facilitator expresses concerns respecting a standard they believe is not being met, they are exercising a false authority based on nothing, since the standard they are pushing towards is not defined.

I want to end with a very simple admonition to every home educating parent. Know who you are as a parent. Know who you are in Christ. Know the truth about the authority you have and speak that truth to power. Do not let anyone fool you into accepting a false claim to authority. Fire the facilitator who condescendingly directs you to respect their authority because their claim is false.

Dad, or should I say the father of the family, has the ultimate power because he has been authorized with the ultimate authority by He who has all rule, authority and power.

Always keep in mind that the God who gave the father of the family His authority also gave him His title. There is no greater and more eternal authority than that of the father.

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