Alternatives to Accreditation: No Diploma? No Problem! (Part 7)

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There are a number of ways that accreditation is offered through home-based learning options, but as mentioned before, since this approach is far more difficult than simply getting the credits at school, not only do home based students often come up short with poorer grades or an incomplete transcript, but they place themselves in competition with the majority of post-secondary applicants who have gone to school.

In my opinion, based on decades of high school experience and in keeping with my faith, a better and much easier approach to preparing for the future is to avoid any accredited courses altogether. It is better to follow an individualized home education program that allows a student to focus and specialize in keeping with the student’s gifts and talents.

Accommodating for individual differences is the very thing that accreditation cannot do. A program that has everyone follow a standardized path, can only result in conformity. Allowing for individual growth, home educated students are generally at the post-secondary level by the time they get their driver’s license, usually just a few days after their sixteenth birthday!
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Who Encourages Accreditation? No Diploma? No Problem! (Part 6)

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Now that we have dealt with the myth of requiring government accreditation and certification, we need to address why this issue comes up in the first place.

Every loving parent wants what’s best for his/her children. Home educating parents have the added desire to have the children educated so that all possible realistic options are made available for each child.

If the only way they know and understand is through government programs and accreditation, then parents will desire to go that route. Should the parents desire this, there are a few options at their disposal.
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“Believing” in Accreditation: No Diploma? No Problem! (Part 3)

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Why do most people, including those who are home educating, believe that only government approved programming and accreditation will guarantee student success? There are two things that need to be considered to gain insight into this phenomenon, involving both the cause and the effect.

There are two main players comprising the bulk of the education industry. Needless to say, this does not include students, who are only involved insofar as they are absolutely required to fuel the engine of this industry.

The founding player is government, which has both logistical and nefarious motivations. Understand that the need for a good education, combined with parental desire for daycare services directs the government to make the school program last as long as possible.
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