The Answer to Pandemic School Closures? Schools Are “Outed” – Still! (Part 20)

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Money!  More money!  Always more money!

An article I recently read about the pandemic school closures said, “Stakeholders have said schools will need more support than ever as the pandemic continues to take hold into the next academic year”.  Who are these “stakeholders” and what is meant by more support?

A few lines later we get some clarification with, “Fewer students are attending, because fewer students feel safe. And the reason schools are not safe is because they are underfunded.”
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Being Misappropriated: Misleadership (Part 5)

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Home education is generally misunderstood and unappreciated around the globe. Indeed, in many parts of the world, home education is either illegal, greatly controlled or simply not realistic, given that a good part of the global population is uneducated or under educated.

Home education is legal and generally accepted throughout North America, but varies with each state or province. Alberta’s home education situation is unique in that Alberta is one of the very few political jurisdictions in the world to fund home education as a viable option within its Ministry of Education.

Unique environments usually have unique species. Alberta’s unique approach to home education has created an environment where educational phenomena not seen anywhere else, exist.
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