What Should I do With my Kindergarten Student? Back to the Basics (Part 9)

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Nothing!  Let them play.  The main reason schools accommodate children at that tender age is because the school system is first and foremost a daycare system.  All they do is play at school, albeit maybe with a bit of structure, but how much academic programming is actually being advanced?  I am not saying there is no programming, just a low level of academic programming.  Please hear what I am saying.  The younger they are, the more impressionable.  School is where children first learn that the most important person on earth is themselves, the very thing we strive to remove from children at home.

Most mammals mature fairly quickly.  Humans don’t.  In fact it has been determined that humans are not fully developed until they are about twenty-five years old, and I dare say usually forty years old before being intellectually mature.  Even so, we are all acquainted with individuals who have never “grown up”.

This is to say God gave kids time to learn while playing.  When school was first invented, students were sent to school after puberty as part of the maturation process.  But, since we have amalgamated daycare with school care and since every child needs to “succeed”, we have taken childhood out of children’s lives, incarcerating them in school for twelve years, teaching them the same stuff over and over again, ascertaining the adoption of a given narrative and then rewarding them with a useless diploma that says “government approved”.

There is absolutely no need to cover academics when a child is very young unless the child is strongly indicating a readiness.  Children can accomplish the “twelve years of school” in less than three years when all the busy work is eliminated.  Let them play!  They will learn much and you will be at peace knowing your children will not need to childishly play when they become adults, as they will have had their chance to do so as children.  This is what God intended for their initial years of life.

To learn more about what children need at different stages, see the Learning Order series: https://leogaumont.com/index.php/category/blog2017/learning-order/

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