Common Sense: Back to the Basics (Part 16)

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It is often said that common sense is not that common.  This may be true, but it depends on who is involved.  Most people have been educated in some kind of school.  School was initially invented to help children think differently from their parents.  Perhaps there are a few schools that serve the community on behalf of the parents, but what if parents are themselves deluded by the things they learned in school?  Talk about a self-perpetuating institution of error!

Common sense has been usurped by common narrative.  We get the same message from many sources.  Even religious institutions can adopt or “Christianize” worldly ideas to make them fit.  This does nothing to expose lies but rather covers error with spiritual-sounding terms.  Not only does this fail to direct adherents in the right direction, but by adopting the narrative, whether modified, modernized or christianized, it lends credibility to what would otherwise be questioned.

Most people have noticed that what was unspoken a few years back has become the new standard to be followed.  Who has determined this?  Our experts and leaders, of course.  The question is, what is the expertise of these experts and where are the leaders leading us?  These are good questions everyone should be asking.

Common sense should be based on common truth.  If there is no standard of truth then common sense ceases to be common. When this takes place anything can happen.  Obviously it has.  Teach your children to have sense based on truth and let’s pray it becomes so prevalent that sense is returned to the common place.

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