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I Quit! …but I Can’t! Quitting (Part 1)

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I thought that I would start this new year with a shocker. I QUIT!

… Okay, maybe “quitting” wasn’t such a great “start.” Actually, I am just kidding…because I can’t quit.

I am definitely NOT quitting, at least not now. However, just to be sure that everyone understands that I do not want to over-extend my calling, you need to know that I have had my letter of resignation on the Lord’s desk, so to speak, for a very long time. He has yet to accept it, but if and when He does, I will be obligated to obey His directives and quit. Until then, I can’t.

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Christmas Break (Part 2)

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Léo’s Insights is taking a two-week Christmas break. It will return on January 7, 2019.

Christmas Break (Part 1)

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Léo’s Insights is taking a two-week Christmas break. It will return on January 7, 2019.

Final Thoughts on Learning Challenges: Learning Challenges (Part 15)

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I have probably said all I wanted to say about special needs or the learning challenged, yet I thought that this topic was so important it deserved to be summed up in a dedicated conclusion.

First, I think that it is important to acknowledge that learning challenges are real. God’s creation encompasses a wide range of physical and mental abilities, all of which are important to Him and therefore should be important to us.

I do not, in any way, want to disparage or minimize the fact that there are people (children) who have been born with characteristics making them different from the “norm.” However, I do want to point out that what is normal is not really a measurable standard, but more of a sliding scale based on subjective expectations.

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Matthew Chapter 8 – Matthew (& Megan) Respond: Learning Challenges (Part 14)

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We have now heard the story of Matthew from two perspectives, mine and Matthew’s parents. Now, we are going to hear from the man himself. Needless to say, Matthew has changed a lot since the day we first met him, so many years ago. Let’s take a look at how Matthew sees things, today:

I, Matthew and my wife Megan are blessed to have Léo & Faye in our lives. We are especially thankful for the many ways in which they have helped me through the struggles of getting an education. The love and care that they have shown me goes beyond what their job required of them. They have always encouraged me to always keep on and never give up. 
I don’t have much to add to this account of my life, as what has already been said is sufficient.

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Matthew Chapter 7 – Matthew’s Parents, John and Agnes, Respond: Learning Challenges (Part 13)

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I trust that you have found the Matthew story enlightening. However, there are always at least three sides to every story. In this case there are four.

After having documented my version of Matthew’s story, I sent it to Matthew’s parents to make sure that my perspective was not in conflict with the truth. I asked them to also pass it on to Matthew for his approval (or rejection) and invited both of them to write their side of the story. This proved to be very worthwhile, as you will see.

Today, I will provide you with what Matthew’s parents had to say about their experience:

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Matthew Chapter 6 – A Lesson Learned: Learning Challenges (Part 12)

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My wife and I have been facilitating home education for three decades. Needless to say, we have seen a lot of students come and go with most completing their secondary education at home and transitioning into their adult post-secondary world.

While visiting with Matthew’s parents one day, we were discussing how we were getting a lot of invitations to weddings after being involved in so many lives over so long a time and how we had determined not to attend any as it would literally take up our entire summer and if we attended only some, it could be seen as showing favouritism.

Matthew had come to see us at his parent’s place and, having overheard our conversation, asked if we would make an exception and come to his wedding, if ever that should happen.

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Matthew Chapter 5 – The Apprentice: Learning Challenges (Part 11)

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Matthew had now completed the Apprenticeship Entrance Exam, so he was proudly sponsored by his dad in the Automotive Service Technology Apprenticeship Program.

As is the case in every apprenticeship, hours in practicum had to be collected before Matthew could attend the institutional learning part of his program. I cannot claim to know how others felt about Matthew’s chances of success, but I can only assume there were more than a few who thought, “We’ll see how this goes”!

In any event, Matthew eventually applied and was accepted to take his first year apprenticeship training at NAIT, in Edmonton.

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Matthew Chapter 4 – The Need for Affirmation: Learning Challenges (Part 10)

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Once Matthew had passed his mock entrance exam, I instructed… no, I demanded that he immediately make an appointment to write the real thing at the nearest trades office.

The next day, when we returned from our day of facilitation, I did not even have time to remove my boots before Matthew informed me that he, Matthew, had booked a time to write his Apprenticeship Entrance Exam. This was seen as no small miracle!

I felt like a proud dad! Not that Matthew’s parents were not proud, but I think they were still in shock after having witnessed the amazing transformation of Matthew’s near morbid fear of failing into a never before seen “bring-it-on” attitude. I still get goose bumps thinking about the miraculous transition from the defeated Matthew to one so victorious it was contagious!

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Matthew Chapter 3 – Freedom: Learning Challenges (Part 9)

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When we first met Matthew he was starting level five. By the time he completed his official home education program he had worked very hard to master… level 5.

Perhaps this is a bit of an exaggeration, but I want to make the point that despite the fact that he did not excel in academics, his home education program was not a waste of time, but rather a phenomenal success in that it prepared him for his life.

Matthew did excel in HIS studies. That is, he learned what he had to in keeping with who he was, and what he could and wanted to do. He learned enough to become an asset in his father’s shop, so we started talking about an apprenticeship.

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