The Heartbeat of Education Unlimited (Part 4)

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Alright, now that I have allowed my passion respecting the plight of home education in this province to overflow, let me provide you with a few more advantages to being associated with us at Education Unlimited.

We operate using a digital management system that is simply unrivalled by our competitors. The system we have invented provides secure 24/7 access to all of the pertinent information as well as what is needed to fulfill all requirements, giving parents maximum control and maximum help with a minimum of effort.

Parents can use our system to complete their program planning and evaluations online. They can also create transcripts for recording their children’s educational achievements in a document that has been accepted at most post-secondary institutions.

Speaking of post-secondary institutions, we know how to prepare students for their future without need for government accreditation or diplomas.

All pertinent financial information and all transactions are conducted online with direct deposits. Each year’s expenses are summarized and available to help parents keep track of past expenses.

Our web site includes listings of student and parent resources, including the home education policies of post-secondary institutions from across Canada, current issues and guides, as well as numerous postings of blogs, insights, articles, presentations and other helps.

We have created and with the objective of helping and informing home educators in this province and around the world. Encouragingly, most users of our web sites are not actually associated with Education Unlimited, fulfilling our self-imposed mandate to help all.

We also have some of the best, most dedicated facilitators in the province, even if I must say so without fully knowing the others.

Our facilitators visit parents twice per year. But they do not come to measure your children according to government standards or to measure your abilities as a parent. They come to encourage and equip you in your home education, for we believe that it is the parents who have the authority in the education of their children.

We believe in God. We are uncompromisingly Christian. We desire freedom above other considerations. We love and serve families as a family of families. I invite you to become one of those families and to be a part of Education Unlimited’s dynamic ministry.

For more about us and/or to get more information on home education go to our web site or

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