The Heartbeat of Education Unlimited (Part 5)

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Education Unlimited has a long history of successfully serving those who have entrusted us to be their home education providers. We are confident about what we are doing because we are sure of our faith foundation. This surety provides us with an eternal standard by which to measure our results.

The moment we are willing to compromise this faith, we destroy the very foundation that distinguishes us from nearly all other home education providers of this Province. That is why we stood with Harvest Baptist Academy in our opposition to the demands of Bill 10 and especially Bill 24.

Standing on principle enables us to refuse to be drawn into arguments and debates about issues outside of our calling of helping those who desire to learn and grow in their home education program.
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The Heartbeat of Education Unlimited (Part 4)

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Alright, now that I have allowed my passion respecting the plight of home education in this province to overflow, let me provide you with a few more advantages to being associated with us at Education Unlimited.

We operate using a digital management system that is simply unrivalled by our competitors. The system we have invented provides secure 24/7 access to all of the pertinent information as well as what is needed to fulfill all requirements, giving parents maximum control and maximum help with a minimum of effort.

Parents can use our system to complete their program planning and evaluations online. They can also create transcripts for recording their children’s educational achievements in a document that has been accepted at most post-secondary institutions.
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The Heartbeat of Education Unlimited (Part 3)

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Now, you can be forgiven for being a bit overwhelmed regarding what to do about your home education affiliations, for it is a rather confused system that we have here in Alberta.

Home Education in Alberta is complicated by the fact that there is funding associated with it and as a consequence, there is far too much competition, marketing and misinformation, more designed to prioritize “winning your allegiance” than helping you with your program.

To help you gain clarity, I would like to make you aware of some important facts you should consider before making that all-important decision as to who you chose to be your guides and helpers in your home education journey.
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The Heartbeat of Education Unlimited (Part 2)

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By the mid-1990s, we had become unschoolers, not because it was trendy, as most home educators of that era simply desired to outperform their local school, but because it was the only way we could respect the individuality of each of our children as well as the uniqueness of our family. We had broken free from the school mould.

This discovery not only benefitted our children at home, but applying what I was learning through my home educating experience to my classroom, greatly improved my students’ situation as well. In other words, not doing school at school greatly benefitted my classroom students also.

I changed my classroom persona from being a “teacher” to being a “mentor.” This made such a tremendous difference that I became known as the one who could cause my students to think. While I should have been honoured by this, I was actually saddened as I believed I was doing nothing more than what should have been expected of all teachers.
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The Heartbeat of Education Unlimited (Part 1)

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Faye and I started Education Unlimited in 1999, as a home educating couple wanting to help and encourage other home educating parents.

It has since grown to include a wonderful group of like-minded individuals, including facilitators, managers and assistants who share the vision and direction of this ministry. It has also come to include a large number of parents seeking true freedom in educating their children.

My own professional education journey started over forty years ago. It took me through 25 years of classroom teaching in two provinces, in two languages within private, separate and public schools.

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