Reflecting on My Reflections: Reflections (Part 17)

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No doubt these last two years have been a challenge.  When my wife and I look back on what transpired over the last twenty four months, we are struck by the fact that we are still standing, much less doing well.  There is absolutely no doubt in our minds that we are but actors in life and that there is much more at play than what meets the eye.

As busy as I was during those two years, I did my best to understand what was happening.  However, sometimes there are simply no answers, just mysteries.  Other times there is a clear directive that appears as impossible, yet comes to pass.  Obtaining our own accreditation comes to mind.  Hopeless or impossible situations do eventually get resolved, often requiring more than the people involved.  And as long as one is dedicated to serving God with all his/her heart, soul, mind and strength, it is certain the devil will be doing everything possible to frustrate, thwart, delay, kill, steal and destroy.

Come to think of it, there is no value in things accomplished unless there is a price.  Worthy accomplishments take time, lots of time.  They also require effort.  As often stated to my students during my teaching years, “You will get out something close to what you put in”, or put another way, “Nothing in equals nothing out”.

When it comes to doing really big things, a really big effort is required, and most often that means lots of people and Divine intervention.  There is no doubt in my mind that this is the story of Education Unlimited.

It started with Faye and I seeing a real need to protect parents from being taken back into the secular, humanistic education system from which they were trying to escape.  We knew they had to be reminded over and over again that they were the boss.  As we grew, we incorporated fellow believers in this philosophy and ultimately became a fairly big agency that is still advancing the supremacy of God and the authority of parents.

The Lesson
Accomplishing things bigger than oneself requires something bigger than oneself.  God will see His enterprise succeed in spite of the multitude of missiles sent to prevent the ministry from fulfilling His goals.  Praise the Lord for His faithfulness and may He be truly glorified through the activities of the Education Unlimited Academy.

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