The Farewell Tour Without Goodbyes: Reflections (Part 16)

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I was in no shape to take on weeks of travelling as I recovered from my Covid-related pneumonia so we had to do most of our spring 2022 visits by phone or Zoom.  I suppose after having faithfully visited families every fall and spring for decades, I thought we should make an effort to visit once I had mostly recovered from my illness.

My children were pressuring me to slow down and do less facilitation, but I was not in agreement.  In fact, visiting families is the best part of this job – absolutely preferable to filling in government mandated paperwork and debating with bureaucrats!

So, we decided to go on a camping meet and greet.  It turned out to be a bit of a disappointment.  Not that no people came to the event, but there were so few.  We were surprised by those who showed up and by those who did not.  It is easy to get discouraged by these things unless one keeps in mind that few people abide by the Christian directive to make others more important than oneself.  “Others” was the very reason I was given more time on this earth.

Once back from our trip, we hosted the last gathering of the Education Unlimited staff.  It was a bittersweet experience where we said farewell to the old Education Unlimited and welcomed the newly accredited Education Unlimited Academy.  Essentially, what happened is the old EU was divided into the school branch which Faye and I gifted to the home educators of this province and the IT branch which will continue to supply digital services to EUA.

The Lesson
All good things must come to an end.  Our twenty three years as Education Unlimited were rewarding in many ways, despite that we had to deal with school boards that had no understanding of home education, as well as the constant hassles Maria and others like her threw at us.  And now the time had come to hand the baton to the “next runner”.  We are now in the process of doing just that.  Our hope and prayer is that the people now operating the Education Unlimited Academy never lose sight of the reason the EUA exists and that member parents will get involved with EUA as their school.

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