Victory! Reflections (Part 15)

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Even though I was still very sick when I got home, I was immediately obligated to attend an interview with government agents regarding our accreditation application.  I was very blessed to have several colleagues attend with me, which resulted in a positive outcome.

However, my nemesis, Maria, had wasted no time initiating yet another attack.  The Maria Event #6 caused the sponsor school to fear for its life!  Maria had determined that EU had failed to fulfill its obligations so the school would be penalized.  Maria actually threatened to defund the entire EU home education program, which would have had very deep and seriously negative repercussions for everyone.  The accusations were serious enough to be escalated to the level of the Assistant Deputy Minister.

Shortly thereafter, we received notice of the success of our accreditation application.  This had to be the pinnacle of my nearly fifty year career!  We were also awarded full funding in year one, something only the Minister can grant.  Eureka!  Praise God for His faithfulness.

Nonetheless, the school’s principal was very concerned regarding the most recent Maria incident. This one was very serious and he had no idea what to do.  It was ultimately his responsibility to appease the government, as EU was only contracted to take care of the home education program on the school’s behalf.  Interestingly, in his plea for help, he mentioned that I was much more combative than he, which was true.

To help solve this setback, I finally asked to be present at the meeting where the government clarified its concerns.  Asking a lot of questions clearly showed that there was more to the concerns than respecting the fulfillment of the Home Education Regulations.

This time, I had had enough.  It took a week for me to construct a fourteen page letter addressed to the Minster of Education, expressing my deepest concern regarding the excessive and unjustified demands being made of our sponsor school.  While I was informed that I had no business writing a letter to the Minister regarding a school matter, I was also told it was very well written and had a significant effect on the entire Department of Education.  Little did I know, this effect resulted in Maria’s termination! The seventh and final Maria Event was not a setback.  It was a victory for all.

The Lesson
The principal’s observation that I am combative caused me to reflect on my life and reevaluate how I have conducted myself.  The word combative means a lot of things, not the least of which is a willingness to engage in fighting.  This bothered me at first, as I can honestly tell you I am a peacemaker at heart.  I spent a lot of time trying to recollect the many conflicts I have found myself in and for the life of me, I cannot recall a single time I have started a fight.  Maybe I have forgotten.

My approach to issues has always been conciliatory, preferring intelligent and reasonable dialogue to resolve problems.  However, a lot of people are not that way.  While I may not have started any fights, I can also say it has been the rare moment when I have backed down, such as when dealing with narcissists or psychopaths.  Had I not had that “combative” characteristic, Education Unlimited would long ago have been buried alongside the other home education providers Maria managed to terminate.

Perhaps we should all be a bit more combative.  We should question everything we are being told and stand firm in what we believe.  The world would be a much different place if we did so.

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