Reflections on Marriage, Part 4: Reflections (Part 22)

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Faye was incredulous when she saw me bring the tape recorder to the table as we were engaging in a heated argument over… who knows?  Funny how it was important enough to require a not-so-friendly contest, yet not important enough to remember.  In any case, as I sat down, I pushed the record button, which quite rightly aggravated Faye.  When asked what the hell I was doing, I simply responded, “Since we are insisting on arguing about this again, let’s record it so we can save a few minutes next time by simply replaying the recording.”

I believe that was our last debate on that particular issue, as this lesson was not lost on either of us.  While neither of us could ever change the other, WE could make a better effort at improving ourselves.  WE both started out perfect, at least that is how it seemed, and then our imperfections and character flaws started showing up.  WE determined to be creative in solving the irreconcilables and even though WE have not become more perfect, WE have become more understanding with time.  WE learned to compromise.  Like money, children and extended family, some of those aggravating imperfections had to go in the no-go zone.

OUR world did not have room for the two of us, so WE teamed up to become as one.  WE took the time to be interested in the other person’s daily life.  Whenever I could, I helped Faye with her difficult tasks and she was there to encourage, support and guide me throughout life’s journey.

WE made our relationship exciting.  Faye made me read books I never would have read, and I am very glad I did.  I made her much more adventurous than she would have been on her own.  We both appreciate being invited into each other’s life.  If fact, it is becoming harder to determine where one ends and the other begins.  Most importantly, our mutual faith in the saving grace of our Lord has led us to be one in Him.  Interestingly, Jesus did not marry but refers to Himself as the Bridegroom and His church of followers as His Bride.  Sounds like a marriage to me.

The Lesson
A marriage will be as good as you make it and time will tell how much you invested into it.  Choose between allowing it to slowly disintegrate into boredom or keep it vibrant and exciting.  Investing in relationships is the best investment on earth.  Start every day by investing in your spouse.

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