Back to the Basics (Part 1)

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Hello and welcome to the start of the 2023-24 academic year with Education Unlimited Academy.

I have been sharing my insights in these vlogs for ten years now.  I initially started this venture at the behest of a few people who wanted to capture my insights for the future generations.  It was indeed an honour to have people think I could offer wisdom for faith, support for family and hope for freedom.

After ten years of weekly instalments, I believe I have covered most topics at least once, but at the same time, these efforts have been buried in the nearly 400 videos that have accumulated on my You Tube channel, not to mention the many audios and videos located on

Another thing ten years brings is more experience.  Indeed we have seen and experienced the best and the worst life has to offer.  If we properly manage these events, the result should lead to greater wisdom.  I believe God has orchestrated the conversion of many things that have happened in the lives of Faye and me to better equip us for ministry.  Although the experiences have not all been good, the resultant wisdom is appreciated.  I want to continue to share this appropriated wisdom with you in these vlogs.

Therefore, after ten years, I have decided to start all over again.  I will likely be repeating myself at times, but perhaps what I am saying should be said again.  After all, repetition is necessary to counteract the unceasing messages to conform to unrealistic mandates.

This year’s series is entitled “Back to the Basics”.  I trust the series will simplify and strengthen your understanding of Faith, Family and Freedom.

Oh and please, please send your questions so I can address them such that you may relax and take comfort in your decision to home educate.

Thank you.

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