Why Home Educate? Back to the Basics (Part 2)

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It is always a good idea to know why you are doing or planning to do something.  We are all well acquainted with having habitually done things without ever having questioned why we do so.  Most institutions specialize in enforcing the rote repetition of things without encouraging questions or independent thought.  School ideology is especially prone towards doing so.  Not only does the school and related administrations repeatedly advance a particular narrative, but most people thoughtlessly advance these unquestioned precepts as factual and distinctive.

Daring to oppose the fundamental understanding that government and government employees are eminently more qualified to teach and instruct children in the “way that they should go” will bring waves of opposition, if not outright condemnation and/or persecution.  This is because people usually believe their own or implanted lies.

Opposition and/or persecution should encourage your decision to home educate.  God is not the one who will oppose parents when He is the one who instructed them to “educate” their children.  How can a lifeless entity like government do better than the parents who created the child?  Trust me, the enemy of our souls is threatened when you do the right thing and will employ an army of unquestioning and thoughtless volunteers to dissuade you from doing what you intrinsically know to be the best thing for you children.

Your decision to keep you children from attending a school and to train, teach, educate, mentor them yourself is the only decision when you consider parents are the only ones involved in the creation of these children in the first place.  This should be why you home educate.

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