Questioning Skills: Back to the Basics (Part 3)

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While recovering from death’s door a year and a half ago, I asked God what was happening to this world that seemed to be spinning out of control.  He immediately answered that it was because people believe their own lies, whether self-inflicted or implanted.  Having a natural tendency to avoid having to admit error, and having no courage to stand against the wiles of the devil, most people simply acquiesce or worse yet, defend the errant positions.

“Ours is not to question” seems to be the new mantra of societal influencers.  To do so or to stand for what you believe to be true is quickly discouraged, if not attacked.  However, when we fail to question the narrative we are being fed, whether coming from government, religious institutions or other human beings, we lose the ability to freely choose what is best for us and our children.  In fact, we are all under bondage to self-proclaimed authorities who are not really in authority.  We need to know which authorities are legitimate in order to discern which ones are false.  This is a topic for another time.

The best approach to questioning is to bring a particular issue into the realm of common sense.  For instance, have you ever witnessed any part of government, church, school or society giving birth to children?  Evidently not so maybe the authority of parents should be paramount when it comes to training children for life in this crazy and increasingly perverted world.

Start by asking, “Does this make sense?” Then seek truth regarding the issue at hand.

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