What is Education? Back to the Basics (Part 4)

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One is hard pressed to find the word “education” in the Bible, so what is it?  What does it mean?  When is the word used?  Where does it apply?  The dictionary defines it as the process of receiving or giving systematic instruction, especially at a school or university.  Hmm, could it be that the word education is code for something else?

When we look a bit closer at biblical passages, we are instructed to train our children, or to teach our children, but never to educate them.  Why is that?  Closer scrutiny of the dictionary definition should help us to understand that education is code for indoctrination, formerly known as brainwashing.

Critically important to understand about “education” is that the one conducting the education is in control of the narrative, the instruction and the outcomes of the process.  It is also important to know that while our beloved Province of Alberta is one of the freest jurisdictions in the world when it come to educational choice, it very quietly advances and encourages public programming through its funding formulas.  In other words the government believes it has what is required to best prepare children for the future, so much so that it has increased funding levels for the delivery of public school curriculum.  This, unfortunately, leads many home education providers to advance public programming in the home.  Can you hear the “ka-ching”?

If education is defined as systemically advancing a certain narrative, perhaps you should be encouraged with the parental advancement of a truth narrative.

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