Why Home Education? – Part 3: Back to the Basics (Part 19)

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We have discussed how home education provides the best opportunity to have a loving home in which to develop and grow as a family, and where the end result is usually a strong family unit of people who truly love and cherish each other.  Although this is not always the case, there is a much better chance of siblings growing up to be each other’s best friends when they spend every day, all day together as a family.

God in His wisdom does not allow us to completely see the future.  He has chosen to allow us to create our future through the influence and consequences of our decisions.  Therefore, success is usually measured as “the goodness and the mercy of God following us”.  We get to see the future when we get there.  The overall consequences of home education are no different.  We see the results after they have manifested.

As long time advocates of home education, particularly unschooling, we are no longer surprised, but rather expectant of the success stories we often hear.  Stories of successfully obtaining employment and quickly rising to management, or of successfully entering into college, or starting a successful business are common.  And, there is good reason for this.

We get lip service paid about schools having safe and caring environments, but this cannot possibly be.  Human nature prevents these places from accepting people for who they are.  The only place a child will be allowed to be themselves is within the environment in which they were created, that is within the family, in the comfort of the home.

The best way to understand why home educated students are successful in life is by realizing we have given them the greatest gift possible.  Indeed, it is what God sees in each individual.  We love and encourage our children in such a way that they are usually very familiar with who they are and what they are capable or incapable of doing.  Unlike schools where there will always be reason to want to be someone or something else, most home educated students end up comfortable in their own skins. This is demonstrated through the confidence they have in themselves.  Home is the absolute best place to develop self-confidence and social skills, two characteristics that will serve the children well throughout their lives.

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