Testing Home Education – Part 1: Back to the Basics (Part 20)

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It must be understood that doing things God’s way is superior to other alternatives, assuming of course that God exists as part of your life.  This should apply to all things, including the education of our children.  For most home educators, doing things God’s way is the reason for home educating in the first place.  However, we need to understand that if believing in God and doing the right thing bring about persecution, home education will as well.

While Jesus promised much during his short but powerful earthly ministry, there were a few things we would just as soon ignore as it makes us uncomfortable.  A case in point is the promise that we would be persecuted for following Him, or more generally for doing what is right in God’s eyes.  The Apostle Paul also warned us to be prepared to defend ourselves from opposing forces, going so far as to describe the armour we should bear, something normally expected of warriors in a battle.

I remember once being asked by an older man if I was experiencing opposition, obstacles, and persecution in my life.  When I answered in the affirmative, he congratulated me for being in God’s service.  Since then, asking myself this question has become the standard measure for ascertaining whether I am on the right path or not.  Anyone who has accomplished anything positive in life knows doing so does not come easily, as anything of value or having positive purpose will be attacked by the enemy of our souls.

Following this train of thought, have you ever seen persecution of parents who send their children to school?  Not likely.  Even parents who have chosen private alternatives to public and catholic options are left relatively free of criticism.  Now ask yourself if you are aware of opposition to home education.  This observation should clearly demonstrate that avoiding school of any kind is probably the right decision to make.

Parents have the right to decide the manner in which their children will be educated.  Making the right decision will likely result in opposition, but do not lose heart.  It is one of the guarantees that comes with doing the right thing.  And remember, no matter what, you’re the boss!

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