Testing Home Education – Part 2: Back to the Basics (Part 21)

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As mentioned in the previous vlog, we can expect persecution for being on the path of righteousness, and it is not meant to be enjoyable.  The pressure to adhere to government schooling can at times be overwhelming, especially when it comes from close individuals, and it can lead us to question whether we have indeed made the right decision.  We need to be ready to answer those who would advance the status quo.

The first question that must be addressed is, “What is this status quo”?  If the status quo represents the majority of people, the next question should be, “Is it advancing truth?”  Perhaps a better way of presenting this query would be to ask ourselves whether we believe truth is established by the conformity of the majority, democratically determined by popular vote, or by something greater than ourselves?

If you believe home education is God’s way, which makes sense when considering who created children, you will have to work at not conforming to standard educational expectations.  You will also need to address the concerns and challenges that come with doing things outside the status quo box.

You will also have to resist the temptation to try to convert your opponents to your side.  If they challenge you, they are not likely interested in your position.  However, you can challenge back by asking questions of your naysayers like: “Did you like going to school?”  “What do you remember from your school experience?”  “Have you ever met a standard child or family?” or “Did school prepare you for your life?’ or when answering the ubiquitous socialization question, “What are you concerned about?”

While many individuals are challenged by your insistence on doing things differently, some are sincerely looking for answers.  It should be easy enough to tell one from the other.  Those who want your advice will answer your questions.  Those who don’t will push back.  Don’t waste your time trying to change anybody’s mind.  Just be sure of two things:  First, the opposition means you are on the right track.  Second, rest assured that the children’s incredible growth and success will speak louder than anything you can say.

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